Welcome to Bourgeois Analytics

Experienced consulting group providing Consultancy

Welcome to Bourgeois Analytics

Our Experts ensure quality services

Welcome to Bourgeois Analytics

Our Expertise your benefit

Market Research

Our company backs its services and advices on a very strong and unambiguous market research which involves collection of each and every news from the reliable sources and considering them in reaching to a conclusion.

Relevant Interpretation

Just gathering data is not important rather making a useful information from that and interpreting it in order to deliver the most appropriate advisory services is important.

Decision Making

We aim to deliver the best advisory services to the various companies around the globe in order to help them in easing their decision making process.

About Us

Bourgeois Analytics Pvt. Ltd. co. provides research and advisory services in global derivative market. Our working edge comes from our highly educated and talented professionals.We firmly believe in the unique style of analysis practices by our analysts rather than following the traditional practices.

  • A group of experienced traders to manage your Funds
  • Highly Experienced team for Market Research
  • IT Team for analysing the Market Trends
What we do

Our Services

01.Advisory Services

We provide the most appropriate advisory services after analysing the market data, trend and profile of the company.

02.Market Research

We not only collect the data of various companies of the markets rather we process the data to turn into an useful information in order to guide us in our advisory services.

03.Decision Making

Bourgeois Analytics strives to become the most credible player in the global derivative markets by providing the most accurate solutions to enable superior decision making for companies operating in this market.

04.Strategy & Planning

Bourgeois Analytics help you in planning and make strategies for maximum profits on your investments.


If you Need Any Kind of Consulting Services then Feel Free to Contact With us.

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Why Bourgeoisanalytics

01.Fast Track Growth

Bourgeoisanalytics is a very fast paced and vibrant set up to be part of. As fortune changes with the click of a button. One just needs to be composed, diligent and alert.

02.Competitive Environment

Working in a global market thrives an indiviual with a competitive edge.

03.Rewarding Challenges

The challenges one faces in the market are highly rewarded in way of bonus which thrusts them with more motivation to work higher.

04.Work Globally

This is the best opportunity to work in the world markets while sitting local.

05.Highly groomed mentors

Highly groomed mentors get mentored by immensely seasoned and highly experienced managers and mentors

06.Congenial Environment

Sit in plush confines of an office and rake in the buck. Star performers at Bourgeoisanalytics take home huge amounts of profit shares. And most importantly, a fun place to be that feels like a second home ! So you learn, have fun and earn all at the same time.


A working environment where you can learn something new everyday.

08.Amazing Team

A team of highly dedicated,innovative and intelligent individuals . Also this is an unique opportunity to learn and compete with the best in industry.

Happy Employees

Our Culture

  • 1. We embrace and value the cultural diversity and respect the people of all the religion.
  • 2. We also believe in giving back to the society for everything which it has given us.

What We Require in our employees ?

  • 1. Passion for Financial Markets.
  • 2. Good with numbers, calculations and studying market trends.
  • 3. Highly vigilant.
  • 4. Strong analytical skills.
  • 5. High stress endurance and emotional quotient.
  • 6. Good decision making.
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